privacy policy

privacy policy

the fandachos dot com and the photoncards dot com domain web sites are operated by the proprietor ( Ronald L Stone ) with a respect for privacy and a commitment to complying with legal obligations for protecting private information .

private information ( such as name , address , phone , e, and so forth ) that is provided by individuals or by other parties is treated as private information . e mail and direct message communications are treated as private by the proprietor . the proprietor does not sell private information . as of the date of this revision , the proprietor has not sold any private information .

information obtained by the proprietor is subject to the privacy policy stated here . the proprietor only maintains private information for purposes of operating the business . private information might be obtained by the proprietor when you provide your private information . the proprietor might also obtain information that you provide via a third party . please note the strong additional privacy protections for secure shopping . photoncards dot com by Ronald L Stone is a verified online merchant with PayPal , and is committed to protecting private customer information for customers of fandachos dot com .

the proprietor shall use multiple methods for the protection of private personal information , however cannot be responsible for circumstances beyond its control . the proprietor cooperates with third-party payment vendors ( PayPal , Facebook ) to protect private personal data at any instance that the proprietor processes information about payment transactions . persons making credit card payments to fandachos dot com or to photoncards dot com via the PayPal web site are also protected by additional privacy standards designated to payors in the PayPal system .

private information will not be shared with other parties without the express permission or opt-in of the individual , unless such information is required by law to be provided to a specific party , or unless in the discretion of the proprietor a message is subject to reporting to law enforcement or to network security departments .

posts on third-party networks that were presented in a semi-private or a public manner might however not be subject to this privacy policy protection . participation in discussions , groups , or pages moderated by the proprietor via third-party networks such as Facebook , LinkedIn , or Twitter is considered semi-public . the privacy policies of third parties are however administered by them , and the proprietor is not responsible for the privacy policies of third parties .

the proprietor will not try to obtain additional private user information unless the user consents to sharing via an approved authorization procedure . this means that the publisher will not combine nor try to correlate data from one external data report with another ( includes web site traffic statistics , social or business network activity , and so forth ) without a specific approved user consent . the publisher however reserves rights to pursue a specific approved user consent .

uses of private information are subject to California and United States privacy statutes . if private information is subject to GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation ) , then the proprietor will strive to comply with the applicable privacy regulations .

the proprietor retains collected information for operational purposes . the proprietor is required by law to retain fiscal data such as payments for a specified number of years . fiscal data might be retained indefinitely . the proprietor does not guarantee that it will retain collected data if it is not required by law or operation to be retained .

you can contact the proprietor to opt out of consent to use your private personal data . you can also request to review or to correct your private personal data maintained by the proprietor . requests for exercising data subject rights ( with reference to GDPR or other applicable law ) will be processed subject to verification of identity . the proprietor also reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee in certain cases .

if the proprietor has not addressed your concerns about privacy or about the collection or maintenance of your private personal data , you also have the right to complain to your statutory authority ( in California , the Attorney General ) .

the proprietor might collect web site access log data for operational purposes coordinated with developing and operating a web site . web site access log data collected by the proprietor is not intended to collect private information . data might include device characteristics , referral source , keyword expressions , pages visited , IP address , and host server location . the proprietor does not use web site access log data in coordination with individual private information . use of web site access log data by the proprietor is strictly subject to this privacy policy , and will not be shared with other parties except in anonymized , aggregate , or general terms ( for example , number of web site visitors ) .

cookies and web site data might be collected by your browser agent in coordination with the web host , with Google Analytics , and your browser agent settings . the proprietor is not responsible for maintaining your browser agent settings .

regardless of the submission of any private information , e mail and direct messages that do not appear to adhere to the anti-abuse policies of this web site ( or of other applicable network parties ) , may be subject to discretionary reporting to law enforcement, or to discretionary forwarding to network security departments .

this privacy policy was revised 2020 August 06 Thursday day 219 .