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the photoncards.com web site is published for lawful purposes by Ronald L Stone, who reserves all rights for contents.

the publisher makes no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, as to any matter including, but not limited to, warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability, exclusivity, or results obtained from use of web content material. photo catalogs and prices are subject to change without notice, and without any guarantee that particular items will continue to be available.

content on this web site, including these terms of use, is subject to update without notice. the publisher is not responsible for web content, such as advertisements, that is supplied by other parties.


privacy policy

please note the strong additional privacy protections for secure shopping.

please also note the additional important privacy information regarding price special updates.

the photoncards.com domain web site is operated with a respect for privacy and a commitment to complying with legal obligations for protecting private information. information collected via the photoncards.com domain is subject to the privacy policy stated here. the publisher only collects private information for purposes of providing superior business services.

private information (such as name, address, phone, e, and so forth) that is provided by individuals or by other parties is treated as private information. private information will not be given to other parties without the express permission or opt-in of the individual, unless such information is required by law to be provided to a specific party, or unless in the discretion of the publisher an e mail message is subject to reporting to law enforcement or to network security departments.

other anonymous information about individuals such as web traffic statistics (network, browser type, pages viewed, keywords referred, and so forth) may be automatically collected by the web server host or by a designated web traffic information management service (all of which adhere to privacy policies that are probably as strict as the policies for this site). the privacy policies of third parties are however administered by them, and the publisher is not responsible for the privacy policies of third parties. if web traffic data is personally identifiable, then the data is treated by the publisher as private information same as above. the collection of traffic information might involve the use of browser cookies.

regardless of the submission of any private information, e mail messages that do not appear to adhere to the anti-abuse policies of this web site (or of other applicable network parties), may be subject to discretionary reporting to law enforcement, or to discretionary forwarding to network security departments.


abuse policy

the photoncards.com domain web site is operated with a strong commitment for web and e mail quality, and with a concern for issues of network abuse. the publisher reserves rights to conduct business only with parties that adhere to anti-abuse policies. due to concerns about network security, the publisher of photoncards.com does not send file attachments without prior arrangement. the privacy policy notwithstanding, incidents of network abuse are subject to discretionary forwarding to network security departments.


additional info

photoncards.com and the expressions 'photoncards dot com' and 'photoncards' are trademarks of Ronald L Stone.

the publisher of photoncards.com also wishes to reference the following terms of use stated for the enhanceability.com web site: trademark information, and 'ICAS in use' information.

the proprietor of photoncards dot com, operating from Northern California and holding a California Seller's Permit, will ensure payment of any applicable sales tax for items shipped to California addresses (even if a special tax district rate was not fully collected at point of purchase). to the fullest extent permitted by law, the seller disclaims liability for any other additional tax.


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